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Welcome to our 2023 unique series of events hosted by the RSA Fellow-led Coaching Network.

Coaching Network events are for RSA Fellows and non-Fellows working towards positive societal transformation. You’ll feel at home if you are grappling with sustainability, reinvention of work, power, diversity and inclusion, compassionate leadership and other related themes.

The conversations are at the intersection of RSA strategic themes, emerging current events, and the practical action you are taking in the world.

The themes will remain responsive to current events, and each event in the series will be held on the first Tuesday of each month, from 6-7.30pm. See upcoming episodes below:

14 February: Start Playful – Explore your Perspective on 2023

When a new year begins, we are often full of anticipation, curious, hopeful, energised and also sometimes anxious and worried.

With 2023 having just started, in this first meeting of the Coaching Network we will take the opportunity to open our minds together and explore our lives from a different perspective.

We will do that by taking a Playful look at how we can use even the simplest object to shift our perspectives for ourselves.

So, please bring anything new (not work related) with you into the session.

By “anything new”, we literally mean that. It can be a new mobile, a cooking spoon, a piece of clothing, a game, a photograph, a present….whatever.

From a coaching perspective we find that the ability to stay curious, explore, understand and shift perspectives opens up choice and a deepening of the feeling of movement and personal freedom that comes from being able to change.

What will this session bring to you?

14 March: Power, coaching and non-violence – can we talk about this?

Whether you’re an organisational leader or independent change agent, when you engage with a team member, colleague or stakeholder, conversations always occur within a wider, systemic context with built-in power dynamics. The growing recognition of a need for psychological safety in work contexts implies the existence of psychological ‘violence’. Yet conversations that attempt to address the issue often center around concepts rather than the underlying experience in the relational field. The power dynamics issue is sometimes sanitised by more neutral labels like “impact’, “influence”, “team dynamics” etc., instead of getting to the heart of human perception and lived experience where effective change can happen.

In this session, you’re invited to share your experience and explore new perspectives on your role in transforming (or not) the powerful dynamics that govern human relationality in everyday conversations. In particular, we'll explore the following questions:

  • What is power and how do you experience/exercise it at work?
  • How do you create psychological safety and reduce psychological violence in your conversations (which tools and practices do you use to navigate the inevitable impacts of human relationships)?
  • Is it possible to exercise ‘power with’ rather than ‘power over’ and still get things done?

You’re invited to bring a real situation from your life to work with in the session.

11 April: Responsibility and Social Impact

Responsibility is often something we feel we do well and which we criticise others for not taking.

It can also become enmeshed with blame and the desire to hold people or institutions or even politicians to account. Responsibility can feel like an overwhelming pressure or something we willingly take on and shoulder. When responsibility misfires in our lives and within our social projects, a coaching approach to examining our relationship to responsibility can help.

In this session we will explore and share our thoughts and feelings through asking questions:

  • What taking responsibility means to you, where you got your beliefs and ideas about what a ‘responsible’ person is?
  • How can we support each other in being more excited about our responsibilities and not being overwhelmed by them?
  • Can there be changes and shifts that you could make that would align better with your work in the world and its social impact?

9 May: The Individual in Society

We talk about ‘social change’ and ‘societal impact’ but how do we know we are creating it and how do we relate to this thing we call society? We are always in relationship with others: in the community, in organisations, and so how do we find our place? How do we value the collective in relation to the individual and how might this already be influencing our decision-making without us even knowing?

This session will explore the nature of these intangibles, not from a place of concepts and theories, but from our own, individual, experience. We hope that you will uncover new insights and new ways of looking at what you’re doing that will increase what you can influence and how you positively impact others, especially, in times of rapid change and uncertainty.

More dates to follow!

Our approach and what makes these events different

We use a coaching approach which means that we explore how we relate to the themes and topics above, rather than staying with the ideas and concepts we hold about them.

By exploring your lived experience you will gain new insights and perspectives on these topics and a greater awareness of how you yourself relate to them. This will assist you in developing your unique approach to leadership, and increase the positive impact of what you are doing in the world.

These events are about a deeply experiential, individual exploration that generates fresh thinking for ourselves as well as the collective. The experiential element, especially in very small groups, can feel unfamiliar at first, but the feedback we get is outstanding.

Connecting with others is also an important part of our event design, supporting your exploration of the theme, and also creating an opportunity to make or deepen connections.

We welcome a diversity of perspectives on the event themes as well as the exploratory approach itself, and, during the discussion, we encourage you to contribute your own experience, expertise and presence.

If this resonates with you, join us to co-create this safe and stimulating space to explore the multiple facets of highly relevant themes.

How it works:

The sessions are participatory - in large and small groups. They embrace the intellectual, the felt and the intuitive, focussing on present moment insight and integration.

After a brief context-setting introduction, you will be invited to break into pairs or small groups to facilitate deeper exploration and reflection. This also gives you an opportunity to meet, get to know, and connect with other Fellows and like-minded individuals.

You will be challenged, through a series of structured questions to explore, reflect, and consider something new about a topic. You are invited to consider novel perspectives and different points of view that may challenge your own and discover what emerges (or not).


You can join us for all the events, and deepen the sense of community with those who attend regularly, or dip in and out of the ones where the topic feels most relevant to you.

The events will not be recorded, but a short read-out will be circulated to Network members after each event with advance information as more dates are added.

Online events to be held on Zoom and are listed under GMT UK time zone, although you are very welcome to join us from anywhere in the world.

Once you have signed up, you will receive an email with call joining instructions in advance of the event and an option to add the event to your calendar.

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Taking part in Online Events 

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