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3PM - 4PM PDT / 6PM - 7PM EDT

  • Deliberative democracy
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Are you curious about new forms of democracy and how to drive change? 

Join the RSA’s Deliberation Gateway Network for an informal information session about how deliberative democracy can help governments and local councils solve community problems. 

At the Deliberation Gateway Network, we aim to introduce every corner of the U.S. (and beyond) to the idea of deliberation and to support individuals as they try out this blossoming form of democracy in their own communities.

This event will be a great opportunity to learn more about deliberative democracy, connect with other curious individuals and find connections to more experienced practitioners and thinkers. 

Our event host and moderator will be: 

Dr. Chris Forman FSRA is a research scientist (biophysics and soft-matter) with a keen interest in new political processes. Motivated to help drive the transition to a regenerative circular economy, he began campaigning locally in his community, and soon learned about deliberative democracy. Now he aims to help others find out about this novel form of democracy through his role as the network lead for Deliberation Gateway in the hope of helping others to drive the change they want to see in the real world.

This event was recorded.

About the Deliberation Gateway Network:

The Deliberation Gateway community hosts informal online discussions to connect individuals with real world problems to experienced Citizen Assembly practitioners. In the long run, through a series of informal conversations we hope to identify opportunities for future citizen assemblies. We foster an environment of learning and support for those who are aware of the myriad problems in the world and are looking for a way in which they can contribute locally in their own communities to fix the bigger problems that face us all.

The future of democracy awaits your arrival!

RSA US Virtual Events aim to create open dialogue and a space for RSA US Fellows to connect across geography over the issues of our times. Join an Event to get to know other RSA US Fellows and our interests, passions, and perspectives. Salons are supported through the moderation of a volunteer to ensure that a diversity of voices are heard. We invite all Fellows to join this discussion to deepen the ways we can connect with each other across the country!

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