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Technology and deliberative democracy

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A new integrated TV show, website and app experience are among proposals to promote and support the concept of mass participation in deliberative conversations. What should deliberative technology look like? What technology is needed to help keep the Civic Renewal Movement connected?

Join the RSA’s Deliberation Gateway Network for a conversation about the role of deliberative technology in the Civic Renewal Movement that is poised to sweep across the US in the next twelve months. For this event we will be highlighting some of the work currently happening at the intersection of deliberative democracy and technology, such as:

    • Taiwan has the most advanced deliberative democracy in the world. Liz Barry (Computational Democracy) will present the software Taiwan has repeatedly used to introduce new legislation through the mass deliberative participation of hundreds of thousands of citizens.
    • Alice Siu from Stanford’s Center on Democracy, Development and the Rule of Law has a new technology platform that offers the ability to conduct online deliberative polling as easily as we fire up zoom conversations.
    • Andrew Stillman (CTO of Braver Angels) will explain the technical challenges Braver Network and Braver Angel’s faces to support the emergence of a wave of civic renewal.
    • John Gastil, Distinguished Professor of Communication Arts and Sciences, Public Policy and Political Science at Pennsylvania State University, has studied the role of technology in deliberation, and he will provide his perspective on the perils and pitfalls that await us!
    • An example of a current process from Braver Angels presented by Bill Carberry will help focus the live audience participation.

Deliberation Gateway presents the first in a new series of events over the next 18 months to support the emergence of Deliberative Democracy in the US. Our contributions foster and support relationships between key organizations, disseminate quality information to new audiences, maintain academic rigor, and facilitate situational awareness as the mass deliberative movement expands.

This event will be taking place on Thursday, October 12 between:

  • 3pm - 4.30pm PDT
  • 6pm - 7.30pm EDT
  • 11pm - 12.30am BST

Our event host and moderator will be: 

Dr. Chris Forman FSRA is a research scientist (biophysics and soft-matter) with a keen interest in new political processes. Motivated to help drive the transition to a regenerative circular economy, he began campaigning locally in his community, and soon learned about deliberative democracy. Now he aims to help others find out about this novel form of democracy through his role as the network lead for Deliberation Gateway in the hope of helping others to drive the change they want to see in the real world.

About the Deliberation Gateway Network:

The Deliberation Gateway community hosts informal online discussions to connect individuals with real world problems to experienced Citizen Assembly practitioners. In the long run, through a series of informal conversations we hope to identify opportunities for future citizen assemblies. We foster an environment of learning and support for those who are aware of the myriad problems in the world and are looking for a way in which they can contribute locally in their own communities to fix the bigger problems that face us all.

The future of democracy awaits your arrival!

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