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Design for Life: sustainability to regeneration in our outcomes framework

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The world as it is: fragile, unbalanced, degenerative. The world as it could be: resilient, rebalanced, regenerative. Explore with us how particular perspectives on challenge and change can help build flourishing futures for people, places and the planet. 

In this interactive events series, we share insights from the RSA’s Design for Life mission, including six perspectives we consider core to regenerative change: systemic, imaginative, adaptive, collective, long-time and authentic. How might we invite these perspectives into all our work to transform our economic, social and environmental systems to be more conducive to life? 

We spotlight where these perspectives are being applied within a range of work-in-progress interventions by the RSA, as well as by our Fellows and partners to imagine and pursue better futures. Join us to discuss what we’re doing, what we’re learning, and what shows up in your own changemaking work. 

At this event, Kim Bohling (Director of Research and Learning), Celestin Okoroji (Head of Research), and Aluwani Mauda (Senior Evaluation Manager) will share learnings from the design and testing of our Outcomes Framework. The RSA’s goal of enabling people, places and planet to flourish in harmony through the design for life mission is an ambitious one. The Outcomes Framework is an overarching evaluation tool that describes how our work across the organisation – from programmes to Fellowship to events -- leads to regenerative impact, and how we measure this impact.  

The Framework has gone through stages of conceptualisation and stakeholder engagement- including fellows and RSA staff. Currently in the testing phase, we make use of three interventions at different stages of delivery to build distinct models for understanding the extent to which they are delivering their intended outcomes and how these lead to regenerative impact. 

Through this process, we are able to locate and critique our understanding of regenerative development, improve our interventions, and refine our tools and methodologies in measuring regenerative impact. Moreover, it keeps us accountable for the change we effect.

Presentations from our speakers will be followed by an opportunity for questions and discussion.

We welcome all changemakers who are interested from different fields and disciplines, within and beyond our RSA Fellowship community.

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Taking part online

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