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Non-violence and deliberative democracy

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Join the Deliberation Gateway to explore how deliberately fostering relationships across society could help foster global peace and wiser policies.  

At its core, nonviolence stands as a guiding principle and practice that champions the rejection of physical force in pursuit of social and political transformation. More than just abstaining from harm, non-violence places a firm emphasis on fostering interpersonal relationships characterized by respect and empathy. 

In the realm of deliberative democracy, this commitment to nonviolence assumes a crucial role. By prioritizing dialogue and empathy, deliberative democracy ensures that every voice resonates in a peaceful and respectful environment. This approach safeguards discussions from escalating into confrontations, thereby facilitating consensus based power shifts and the emergence of effective global policies and decisions. 

The infusion of nonviolence into the framework of deliberative democracy holds remarkable potential, promising to enrich this civic process and contribute substantially to the Civic Renewal Movement being catalysed by Braver Angels. Join us for an engaging panel discussion as we delve into the profound connections between nonviolence and deliberative democracy, illuminating the path towards a more inclusive and harmonious society.

This event will be mediated by Dr Chris Forman FRSA, research scientist, advocate for deliberative democracy and leader of Deliberation Gateway - A thematic network of the RSA.

Salon series overview 

Deliberation Gateway presents online events to connect the emerging civic renewal movement in the US, spearheaded by Braver Angels, with the existing Deliberative democracy movement. We foster and support connectivity and high quality information exchange between the Deliberative Democracy community and the new empowered actors that will join the conversation as the grassroots civic renewal movement in the US grows.

Our approach is to act as a “coffee shop catalyst” that keeps people connecting regularly as the movement gathers momentum. Although our emphasis is building up relationships and reinforcing connectivity, crucially our “coffee house” meetings will also act as tutorials which creates the opportunity to expose the civic renewal movement to academic rigor and deliberative best practice as the movement grows.

This event is taking place on Thursday, February 15th between:

  • 3pm - 4.30pm PDT
  • 6pm – 7.30pm EDT
  • 11pm - 12.30am BST

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