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Heritage Question Time in Bristol

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In November 2015, the RSA and Heritage Lottery Fund HLF will co-host a series of Heritage Question Time events. These will be panel debates, with questions direct from a public audience. The recently launched Heritage Index – alongside the themes, ideas and issues emerging from our workshops and interviews, should provide a stimulating challenge.

Building on a working definition of heritage as ‘Anything inherited from the past that helps us, collectively or individually, to understand the present, and create a (better) future’, the panel events will consider new and meaningful ways of connecting people to local heritage, and the role of heritage in building distinct, meaningful and sustainable futures.

How does Bristol’s history shape the identity of citizens and their quality of life? Is Bristol making the most of using its heritage assets to its advantage? Should Bristol encourage more developments like Hamilton House and Stokes Croft? If so, how? In an era of austerity, how should priorities for investment and conservation adapt?

Join us to discuss these questions with local political leaders, community groups, RSA Fellows and researchers, and your fellow local citizens. The event is free, but you must register to attend.

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