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Addressing economic insecurity through public policy

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Nottingham Conference Centre, Nottingham

  • Economics and Finance
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There is growing anxiety about a decline in future living standards. Rising prosperity during the 20th Century was translated into economic and social security through the actions of government: principally the creation of public services and the provision of financial welfare through insurance programmes.

How can public policy improve economic security for ordinary working families?

But in recent years economic inequality has risen and a growing number of jobs do not provide the economic security that people need to maintain a decent standard of living. Although policymakers and public leaders increasingly reference the importance of economic insecurity, they tend to lack a coherent account of what it means and who it impacts. This makes the implications for policy less clear, and the misdiagnosis of problems (and solutions) all too common.

Working with Nottingham Civic Exchange, the RSA’s new report, Addressing Economic Insecurity through Public Policy, looks at global trends and recent UK policy through the lens of economic insecurity. Drawing on new data collected by the RSA and analysis by Nottingham Civic Exchange, the report suggests a series of evaluative questions that policymakers should consider in designing policy.

The RSA’s Chief Executive, Matthew Taylor will host an event that explores the issue in more detail. He will be joined in conversation by policymakers, experts and people who have been affected by economic insecurity.


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