RSA Food, Farming and Countryside Commission Roundtable – Coordinating the whole resource: achieving greater public value

Research & Impact Event


RSA House

Government, conservation groups and many within industry back the principle that public money should pay for public goods. But this isn’t the only investment that creates public value. While the focus of debate about food, farming and the countryside has been on the future of farm payments, those are just part of the public, private and social resources that public bodies, businesses, charities and community groups already put to this end.

  • What is the whole resource – across for example water companies, public health services, biodiversity and more –  already invested in food, farming and the countryside to generate public value? 

  • What is already happening to coordinate this investment and give communities more say in how it affects them, and what more is needed? 

  • How does our use of the whole resource relate to regulation, taxes, and household bills, for example on food, water and insurance? 

  • What do we know about what people really care about in terms of food, farming and the countryside, and what can government, businesses and civic society do to coordinate resources towards this?

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