RSA Food, Farming and Countryside Commission Roundtable – Our place in the world: global perspectives on UK food, farming and countryside

Research & Impact Event


RSA House

Trade overshadows current debates on the future of food, farming and the countryside; different scenarios could make or break progress on many fronts. Yet customs, tariffs and standards are a narrow window on the world. The UK needs a principled and progressive position on its place in the world, which recognises that national interests are deeply connected with progress on pressing global challenges.

  • How can the UK’s approach to food, farming and the countryside contribute to and support a principled and progressive international role on issues such as climate change and human rights? 

  • As totemic issues for trade, what part can food, farming and the countryside play in wider efforts to ensure trade agreements support such a role, and are consistent with the needs and expectations of UK citizens? 

  • What are the pressing and practical impacts of the changing trading relationships with the EU and with the rest of the world? What impact will that have on the sectors and on rural economies?  

  • How much do the public care about the impact of these scenarios? Could they care enough to bring their voices to bear?  And further, will that translate into different buying choices?  

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