Data Choices: putting the people at the heart of our data economy - RSA

Data Choices: putting the people at the heart of our data economy

Research & Impact Event


Radisson Blu Edwardian, Free Trade Hall, Peter St, Manchester M2 5GP (NB the venue is outside the secure zone)

Please join the Open Data Institute (ODI) and the RSA for an invite-only private roundtable discussion at Conservative Party Conference on the future of data policy, where we will also be sharing the findings of latest research into people’s relationships, thoughts and feelings about data.

The findings reflect the perspectives of members of the UK public – shared at focus groups and participatory workshops – on how data about us is used and shared, and what choices we have, or should have, to affect that.

Crucially, the findings show that people know and care more than 'the public' is often given credit for about data about them, and want greater honesty and transparency; agency and control; rights and responsibility; context and fairness; and compliance and enforceability over how data about them is used.

At this private roundtable, we will also share a new tool that is helping members of the public to understand the difference between types of data about them ('personal', 'sensitive', 'behavioural' and 'societal') and make more informed decisions around when and how they would be happy with it being collected, used and shared.

We hope to inform policymakers of public demands and perspectives, and consider how we better engage businesses and governments in their responsibilities in ultimately asking: How can we engage people better in discussing their wants and needs when it comes to the collection, use and sharing of data about them? And is now the time to stop writing off ‘the people’ as being complacent or ignorant about data protection issues, as they often can be in public discourse?

Places are by invitation only but can be requested by emailing