Diversity, Inclusion and Combatting Polarisation: The Key to a Flourishing Rural Economy - RSA

Diversity, Inclusion and Combatting Polarisation: The Key to a Flourishing Rural Economy

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Examination Schools, Oxford, OX1 4BG

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Agrespect and the RSA Food, Farming and Countryside Commission are co-hosting the opening event of the Oxford Farming Conference 2020: Diversity, inclusion and combating polarisation – the key to a flourishing rural economy.

This event will seek to start conversations surrounding diversity and inclusion in farming, and in the countryside more generally. We will hear from people who have experienced exclusion by virtue of gender, ethnicity, age and sexuality, but also those who have come to feel excluded through the way the public discourse has changed. We’ll reflect on what drives experiences of inclusion and polarisation in the countryside and in farming, and – most importantly – what we might do about it.

It’s time for the whole sector to look at how farming and rural careers can become more inclusive, engage everyone in society, and attract new entrants who don’t necessarily fit the traditional rural stereotypes. A vibrant and successful rural economy will be a diverse and inclusive one.

Hear from panellists including Will Evans of Rock & Roll Farming Podcast, Dairy Veterinarian Partheeban Navaratnam, Lydia Slack from Busoga Trustand others to be announced. The event will be chaired by Sue Pritchard, Director of the Food, Farming and Countryside Commission and Matt Naylor of Agrespect and Chairman of Oxford Farming Conference. 

This is a free event and open to the public. A ticket to the Oxford Farming Conference is not required for entry. 




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Guests are invited to have lunch after the event, between 12-1pm, to continue the discussion. Please note spaces are limited, so do select the lunch option ticket if you would like to attend.

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