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Ryan Robinson

Ryan Robinson

co-founder and CEO, pluumo

Ryan is one of the co-founders of AEROPOWDER, a UK based startup that has been inspired by the circular economy to create pluumo, the world’s first feather-based thermal packaging material for temperature-sensitive deliveries. For his work, Ryan has been recognised by being featured on the Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe List for Social Entrepreneurs (2017) and is an Echoing Green Climate Fellow (2017). Ryan has always had a keen interest in understanding how the world works and has a background in biological sciences, receiving his PhD from Imperial College where he studied the effects of air pollution in the lungs. Adding a healthy dash of imagination and sitting with his dad watching Star Trek as a child, Ryan is also passionate about space exploration. He obtained an MSc. in Space Phsyiology and Health, but more importantly his studies let him carry out research at the European Astronaut Centre and take some fun photos inside space station training modules.




Twitter: @pluumoUK