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Lord Mawson OBE

Lord Mawson OBE

Chairman, WellNorth Enterprises

Andrew Mawson has been innovating, disrupting, connecting and creating for over 35 years. 

He has an unparalleled wealth of experience in answering society’s difficult questions, with a portfolio that includes bringing the Olympic Games to East London and starting the Science Summer School with Professor Brian Cox. He’s also the Founder and President of the prestigious Bromley by Bow Centre. These projects are among 25 Innovations led by Andrew and colleagues which have turned challenging problems into exciting opportunities. 

It’s an understatement to say that Andrew knows how to get things done. His career has been built around challenging broken ways of thinking and applying pragmatic business logic to social situations. The result is communities that work together effectively, practically, and creatively to make society better for those who need it the most.  

As the son of Bradford milkman, a clergyman and one of the country’s most renowned social entrepreneurs, Andrew has seen it all. However, one thing he will tell you is “always expect to be surprised.” Amazing things can come from the strangest places, and he won’t stop until we have a healthy society that works. We’re not sure if he even knows how to stop, let alone what would happen if he did!
Twitter: @WNEnterprises1