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Andrew Park

Andrew Park

Founder & Director, Cognitive Media

Andrew Park artist and visual thinker is the director of Cognitive the company behind the illustrations and animations in the fantastic RSA Animate series. 

Cognitive is a visual thinking and communications company, founded in London by Andrew in 2004. The studios are now based in the Creative Quarter of Folkestone, Kent and the company works in many arenas including private, public, charity, and community sectors providing visual communication tools to globally-based clients. Cognitive’s mission is  to 'Inspire Minds: Change the World'. They aim to help people understand and communicate through the power of pictures and visual storytelling.

Andrew studied Fine Art (painting) and graduated from the University of the Creative Arts (formerly know as KIAD). He believes that everything can be interpreted as a story and that building strong and relevant narratives for people is valuable and helps them connect and find a common language.

Unpacking information in space and representing it with clear visual elements, direction and animation allows an audience to explore new terrain in their thinking.  Anything can be visualised with drawing, from the smallest atoms to the widest galaxies and everything in between. Making images fun and relevant is key to what Cognitive do.

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