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Carlos Felipe Escobar

Carlos Felipe Escobar

Director, Institute for Prospective and Innovation in Health (INNOS), Colombia

Carlos Felipe Escobar is the Director of the Institute for Prospective and Innovation in Health (INNOS), a Think Tank focused on future of and innovation in healthcare based in Colombia. INNOS is a joint initiative of the Association of Pharmaceutical Research and Development Laboratories (AFIDRO) and El Bosque University to contribute to the national dialogue on health based on scientific knowledge and innovation. INNOS’ aim is to connect the knowledge and thinking of scientists, academics, experts and innovators in health to find solutions to the challenges faced by public policy makers, the community and agents of the health system in Colombia. Dr Escobar is MD - Otolaryngologist and was the Rector of El Bosque University; he recently created the Hub for Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Health and Education at El Bosque, part of the National Eco-system for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.


Twitter: @InsINNOS

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