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Carol Povey

Carol Povey

Director, Centre for Autism, National Autistic Society

Carol Povey is the director of the Centre for Autism. Carol joined The National Autistic Society as regional co-ordinator for London and the South-East in 2001 where she had responsibility for working with branches, parent groups, and local authorities. In 2005 she became head of Adult Services for the NAS, developing a strategic and modernisation plan for the National Autistic Society’s adult services, as well as leading in the identification and transfer of best practice within the organisation. As “Responsible Individual” under the Care Standards Act, Carol held responsibility on behalf of the Board of Trustees for ensuring that the National Autistic Society services meet their statutory requirements.

Carol’s most recent appointment with the National Autistic Society has been as director of the Centre for Autism. The aim of the centre is to promote innovation, excellence and understanding across the autism sector and to provide a hub for greater collaboration both UK wide and internationally.

Until recently, Carol was on the advisory group to the All Party Parliamentary Group on Autism, and has spoken both in Westminster and to the Scottish parliament about autism issues. Carol is the chair of the editorial board of the NAS’ professional conference. She has contributed to a number of publications, and has trained and presented at conferences nationally and internationally.

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