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Daniel H Pink

Daniel H Pink

Daniel H. Pink is the author of a number of provocative bestselling books on the changing world of work.

Dan’s articles on business and technology appear in many publications, including the New York Times, Harvard Business Review, Fast Company, and Wired, where he is a contributing editor. He has provided analysis of business trends on CNN, CNBC, ABC, NPR, and other networks in the U.S. and abroad. He also lectures to corporations, associations, and universities around the world on economic transformation and the new workplace.

Dan held his last real job in the White House, where he served from 1995 to 1997 as chief speechwriter to Vice President Al Gore. He also worked as an aide to U.S. Labor Secretary Robert Reich and in other positions in politics and government.

His books include: A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future charts the rise of right-brain thinking in modern economies, The Adventures of Johnny Bunko: The Last Career Guide You’ll Ever Need, Free Agent Nation: The Future of Working for Yourself and Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us

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