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David Best

David Best

Professor of criminology, Sheffield Hallam University

David Best is Professor of Criminology in the Department of Law and Criminology at SHU and Associate Professor of Addiction Studies at Monash University in Melbourne.

David Best is qualified as a psychologist and criminologist, and has worked in both research and policy areas for around 20 years. He has worked and studied at Strathclyde University (Glasgow), the Institute of Psychiatry, London School of Economics, the University of Birmingham, the University of the West of Scotland and Monash University, and has held research policy roles at the Police Complaints Authority and the National Treatment Agency for Substance Misuse.

He is the author of two previous books on addiction recovery and currently working on a third, and is author of around 150 peer reviewed journal papers. His main area of interest is around pathways to recovery and the role of social networks in promoting wellbeing. 

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