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David McCandless

David McCandless

Data Journalist, Designer, Author

David McCandless is  London-based author, data-journalist and information designer, working across print, advertising, TV and web. His information design work has appeared in over forty publications internationally including The Guardian, Wired and Die Zeit.

In recent years, he’s been exploring the use of data visualisation and infographics to explore new directions for journalism and to discover new stories in the seas of data surrounding us. The result is his blog and book Information Is Beautiful (HarperCollins 2009). It’s dedicated to visualising ideas, issues, knowledge and data.

David started his career as a writer for cult video games magazines in the late 80s, hacking into games and penning a programming column. Over the next 25 years, he worked as a journalist, conceptual copywriter, web editor, creative director and comedy writer.

His work these days merges data, concepts, visual design and story-telling – and the odd joke.He’s had pieces exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Wellcome Trust gallery in London, and at the Tate Britain. He has an occasional column on the Guardian Datablog.

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