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David McCoy

David McCoy

David McCoy is currently a senior clinical associate at the Centre for International Health and Development at University College London, where his main areas of research interest are:

  • Health systems policy in low income countries
  • Maternal health
  • Global health governance.

David is a medical doctor, graduating from Southampton University. He worked as a clinician in the UK for two and a half years before working in a rural government hospital in northern Kwazulu for a further two and half years.
He has subsequently worked in the field of public health and health systems development. He was policy research fellow at the Child Health Unit of the University of Cape Town for 18 months, and then spent six years with the Health Systems Trust, a non-government organisation established in South Africa to develop a research and evidence base to inform the transformation of the apartheid health care system.
He has an M.Phil in Maternal and Child Health from the University of Cape Town and a doctorate from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. He has also completed specialist training in public health with the UK Royal College of Physicians, Faculty of Public Health.
He is a member of the Steering Council for the Peoples' Health Movement and is a Co-Managing Editor of the Global Health Watch, a triannual publication of an alternative world health report. He was a member of the RSA's Commission on Illegal Drugs, and joined the Board of Trustees in December 2007.

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