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Diane Coyle

Diane Coyle

Bennett Professor of Public Policy, University of Cambridge

Diane Coyle has co-directed the Bennett Institute for Public Policy at the University of Cambridge since 2018, having moved there from the University of Manchester where she served as Professor of Economics. A former advisor to the UK Treasury, she has held a number of public service roles including Vice Chair of the BBC Trust (2006-2014) and member of the Competition Commission (2001-2009), the Migration Advisory Committee (2009-2014), and the Natural Capital Committee (2016-2019). She was awarded a CBE for her contribution to the public understanding of economics in the 2018 New Year Honours.

Diane founded The Enlightened Economist consultancy group and is the author of many books, including GDP: A Brief but Affectionate History (2015), Markets, State & People: Economics for Public Policy (2020) and the forthcoming Cogs and Monsters: What Economics Is, and What It Should Be (2021). She is particularly passionate about making economics accessible to different people.

Twitter: @DianeCoyle1859