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Dr Daniela F. Sieff

Dr Daniela F. Sieff

Writer and researcher

Dr Daniela F. Sieff is a writer with roots in evolutionary anthropology and an active interest in the dynamics of the psyche. The question that engages her is: 'What makes us who we are?' She has explored this in relation to (1) the internal psychological and emotional world, (2) the external physical, social and relational world, and (3) our species' evolutionary heritage. 

Her exploration is rooted in both scholarship and personally lived experience. She has a doctorate in biological anthropology from Oxford University, and her research took her to a wilderness region of Tanzania to live with a traditional cattle-herding people. For the last 15 years she has focused on the dynamics of the wounded psyche. Her understanding has emerged through bringing together her own personal experience with knowledge that comes from psychotherapy, neurobiology, anthropology and evolution. 

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