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Dr Kevin Fong

Dr Kevin Fong

Dr Kevin Fong is a doctor of medicine with a special interest in human space exploration and extreme environment physiology. He holds degrees in medicine, astrophysics and engineering, and is an honorary senior lecturer in physiology at University College London.

He has completed specialist training in anaesthesia and intensive care medicine, has worked with NASA’s Human Adaptation and Countermeasures Office at Johnson Space Centre in Houston and the Medical Operations Group at Kennedy Space Centre in Cape Canaveral. Kevin currently works as a consultant anaesthetist at University College London Hospital, is founder and associate director of the Centre for Altitude, Space and Extreme environment medicine and a broadcaster.

More recently Kevin became a Wellcome Trust Public Engagement Fellow and, as part of this appointment, has developed skills as a writer and broadcaster. His programmes include the two-part series To Boldly Go (BBC2, 2012) and Space Shuttle: The Final Mission (BBC 2, 2011) which  be both wrote and presented.  He has also fronted two Horizon documentaries and a successful four part series - Extreme A&E - for Channel 4 in 2012.

In addition to his television programmes Kevin has also presented five Radio 4 documentaries this year.  

His first book: 'Extremes' will be published in March 2013.