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Ella Saltmarshe

Ella Saltmarshe

Writer & Founder The Comms Lab, The Point People, The Long Time Project

Ella is multidisciplinary the core. Currently most of her work sits at the intersection of creativity, narrative and systems change, with a particular focus on the role of culture in ensuring we have a flourishing future on this planet. She’s co-founded: The Point People- a systems change network; The Comms Lab- supporting the creative industries to tackle environmental and social issues; The Long Time Project- focused on the role of art and culture in stretching our capacity to care about the long-term future; RepresentAge- changing the way that women are represented on stage and screen as they age. She also works with funders and CSOs to help them harness the power of culture for systemic change. For a taste of Ella's thinking see her SSIR article on: The Role of Story in Systems Change and her BBC article about the long-term.

Ella trained as an anthropologist and spent the first part of her career working in international development, the creative industries and public policy in India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Latin America & Kosovo. 

Ella has been published in The Guardian, The Financial Times, ID, Wired, Monocle, Fast Company & Creative Review. Her work for stage and screen is represented by Emily Hickman at The Agency.

Twitter: @saltsea