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Faiza Shaheen

Faiza Shaheen


Faiza Shaheen is an economist, writer, activist and commentator. She is Inequality Lead at the NYU Center on International Cooperation and Visiting Professor at the International Inequalities Institute at LSE, and was formerly Director of CLASS think tank. She is the author of a range of materials and publications covering the most salient social and economic debates of our times, including inequality, austerity, immigration, youth unemployment and social mobility. Faiza is a regular contributor to debates on popular news programmes including Newsnight and Channel 4 News, and has worked with Channel 4 and the BBC to develop documentaries on inequality.

Faiza was born and raised in East London. She has a BA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from St John’s College, Oxford University, and both an MSc in Research Methods & Statistics and a PhD from the University of Manchester. Her PhD charted the changing geography of poverty between 1971 and 2001 in the UK, and modelled the economic, demographic and societal factors driving these trends.

Twitter: @faizashaheen