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Graysha Audren

Graysha Audren

Founder, Weffan and textile designer

Graysha Audren is an award-winning textile designer and founder of Weffan, a 3D woven clothing manufacturer committed to lowering waste in the fashion industry.  

Weffan reinvents the way clothes are made by 3D weaving the fabric and garment at the same time, engineered on existing, automated textile machines. This helps Weffan shorten production processes, minimise fabric and resource waste, build a more resilient, near-shore supply chain, and subsequently cut its carbon footprint.  

Weffan is in partnership with the 3D Weaving Innovation Centre at the University of Leeds and UK jacquard manufacturers and supported by Innovate UK, the Prince‚Äôs Trust, and Future Fashion Factory. 

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