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Helen Newcombe

Helen Newcombe

Founder, Davy J

Helen Newcombe is the founder of Davy J, a British swimwear brand that creates beautiful active swimwear, all manufactured in the UK and made using ECONYL® yarn, a nylon yarn regenerated from 100% waste materials including fishing nets and other ocean waste.

As a brand Davy J creates swimwear that is designed to ‘survive a dive’ and targeted at active women. The suits are built to last and the business has an end of life returns scheme for all of their swimsuits so that the resources within them can be recycled.

Helen is a Circular Economist and rising female entrepreneur, winning the Women of the Future Award for Entrepreneurship. She uses her business to deliver a much bigger message – that of building a circular economy and understanding the stories and lifecycles of the products we surround ourselves with and the resources that go into making them. Her work proves that profit doesn’t necessarily have to come at an environmental price.


Twitter: @davyjs