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Jelmer Evers

Jelmer Evers

Teacher, writer, learning innovator and editor

Jelmer Evers is a teacher, writer, learning expert and innovator.

He teaches two days a week at an innovative school: UniC in Utrecht the Netherlands, using concepts such as challenge-based and connected learning, personal learning environments and networks, MOOCs, Flipped Classroom, game-based learning and gamification.

Besides teaching, Jelmer is also a blogger, writer designer and consultant, and is on the design team of a new teacher training institute and new educational ecosystem: The Dutch School. He has been featured regularly in national press and on television and was nominated teacher of the year 2012. National magazine Vrij Nederland nominated Jelmer one of the Netherlands 23 “New Radicals” (Nieuwe Radicalen) for his innovative teaching practice and stance and activities on educational reform. Recently Jelmer edited an influential book called “Het Alternatief” (The Alternative) featuring articles from renowned scholars like Andy Hargreaves and Howard Gardner. An international version and a book on Blended Learning/Flipping the Classroom are in the works.

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