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Jeremy Heimans

Jeremy Heimans


Jeremy Heimans is co-founder and CEO of, the world's leading incubator for social movements and new experiments in mass digital participation.

Jeremy has been building movements from the age of eight in his native Australia, running media campaigns and lobbying politicians on issues like environmental degradation and nuclear proliferation.

His voice has since broken but those global problems persist, so Jeremy co-founded, the world's largest online political movement with more than 15 million members, and, the Australian political movement with more members than all Australia's political parties combined.

Jeremy now leads the team at Purpose, which has built movements to fight cancer with LIVESTRONG, worked with Jamie Oliver on a national effort to transform our food culture, and launched, a new global movement for LGBT people and their straight friends and family.

The World Economic Forum at Davos has named Jeremy a Young Global Leader and in 2011 he was awarded the Ford Foundation's 75th Anniversary Visionary Award. In 2012, Fast Company named him one of the Most Creative People in Business. Jeremy's career began with strategy consultants McKinsey and Company. He is a graduate of Harvard University and University of Sydney, and is a citizen of Australia and the Netherlands.

Follow Jeremy Heimans on Twitter: @jeremyheimans