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Kaisa Heino

Kaisa Heino

Deputy Mayor, City of Imatra

Kaisa Heino is Deputy Mayor of the City of Imatra, South Karelia, Finland. A lawyer by trade, Kaisa read her Masters of Law, LL.M with court training, at the University of Helsinki. She has served in various roles as a Civil Servant in the State Treasury of Finland, The City of Lappenranta and the Social Welface and Health Agency of South Karelia. She has practiced law for a private legal advocate firm in Helsinki. She has been a civil servant in the City of Imatra for the last 9 years, having been appointed Deputy Mayor in June 2018.  


Her approach of concrete action and leadership has driven the efforts to change the tide of Imatra, and instigating the reform and delivery of public services and facilities in Imatra, from the development of new, accessible sports facilities, to the building of 3 new schools in the city, which redefine both how education is delivered, and how children and young people from the municipal catchment area engage in their education and wider community. Despite the challenges that COVID-19 has presented for the small and one of the oldest rural municipalities in Finland, Kaisa has spearheaded the lead for community centric redevelopment through grassroots and systems level innovation.  


Twitter: @kaisa_heino