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Madeleine Bunting

Madeleine Bunting

Author and Guardian Columnist

Madeleine Bunting is a Guardian columnist and associate editor. She writes on a wide range of subjects including politics, work, Islam, science and ethics, development, women's issues and social change.

She was awarded the Race in the Media award in 2005 by the Commission for Racial Equality for her work on the British Muslim community.

She has written two books. Most recently, Willing Slaves: How the Overwork Culture is Ruling Our Lives published by HarperCollins is an analysis of the British work culture. In 1995, she published The Model Occupation: The Channel Islands Under German Rule, which has been reprinted by Pimlico.

She is the recipient of several awards including the Imam wa Amal Special Award in 2002 and the One World Trust award in 1999. In 2003, she won a Joseph Rowntree fellowship to research her book, Willing Slaves, and, in February 2006, she was awarded a fellowship on the Templeton Cambridge journalism programme.