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Paul Atherton

Paul Atherton

film director, Q&D Productions

Paul Atherton is the managing director and producer at Simple Productions Limited and its sister not for profit company Q&D Productions Limited.

Primarily specializing in social commentary productions, he takes on challenging subjects like domestic violence (‘Silent Voices’), prostitution (‘Sex in Public’) and racism (‘Colour Blind’).

He produced the 'Feminist Car Commercial' film in 2014 - a retaliation to the objectification of women in marketing and advertising. On Friday 8th January 2016, the film ‘Our London Lives’ opened in the Museum of London - an edited version of 16 years/200 hours of film of his son's visits to London.

Paul is most well known as the only producer/director to have his film shown on the world-famous Coca-Cola billboard in Piccadilly Circus, London. ‘The Ballet of Change’ aired there on Friday 23 November 2007.



Twitter: @LondonersLondon