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Robert E Goodin

Robert E Goodin

Professor of Philosophy

Robert E. Goodin is professor of government at the University of Essex, and distinguished professor of philosophy and social and political theory at Australian National University.

An American by birth and Hoosier by upbringing, Bob Goodin took his DPhil in Politics at Oxford in 1975.  He spent a decade teaching Government at the University of Essex, then two decades as research professor of Philosophy and Social & Political Theory in the Research School of Social Sciencs, Australian National University.  He is currently Professor of Government at the University of Essex and Distinguished Professor of Social & Political Theory and Philosophy at Australian National University.  A Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences in Australia and a Corresponding Fellow of the British Academy, Goodin gave the Dewey Lecture on Law and Philosophy at the University of Chicago Law School in 2008 and the Edmund Burke lecture at Trinity College, Dublin in 2009.  His coauthored book Discretionary Time won the 2009 Stein Rokkan Prize for Comparative Social Science Research, awarded by the International Social Science Council.

Goodin is founding Editor of The Journal of Political Philosophy and Co-editor of the British Journal of Political Science.  For the decade of the 1980s, he also served as an Associate Editor of Ethics.  He was General Editor of the 11-volume series of Oxford Handbooks of Political Science for Oxford University Press; he himself co-edited two volumes in that series (Public Policy, with Michael Moran and Martin Rein; Contextual Political Analysis, with Charles Tilly; both 2006) and edited a final one-volume consolidation volume (The Oxford Handbook of Political Science, 2009).  Goodin is also founding Editor of a series of books on 'Theories of Institutional Design' for Cambridge University Press and, with James Fishkin, now coedits the Philosophy, Politics & Society series founded by the late Peter Laslett in 1956.  Goodin has coedited various other major reference books: A Companion to Contemporary Political Philosophy (Wiley-Blackwell, 1st edn co-edited with Philip Pettit, 1993; 2nd edn co-edited with Pettit and Thomas Pogge, 2007); Contemporary Political Philosophy:  An Anthology (Wiley-Blackwell, 1st edn, 2nd edn 2006, both co-edited with Philip Pettit); and A New Handbook of Political Science (Oxford UP, 1996, co-edited with Hans-Dieter Klingemann), named an Outstanding Academic Book for 1997 by Choice, the official journal of the American Association of College and Research Libraries.

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