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Sally Bonnie

Sally Bonnie

Founder, Inspire Women Oldham

Sally Bonnie, Founder, Inspire Women Oldham

Sally is an award-winning coach, founder of Inspire Women Oldham CIC, and a Fellow of the RSA. 
Sally has spent almost 3 decades creating and delivering life changing programmes, inspired from personal experience, and from seeing that there was a need to support women in a way that didn't perpetuate their labels. Sally is passionate about creating heart centred spaces that enable women to leave behind limiting beliefs, and to live happy, healthy, successful lives. She helps women and women entrepreneurs to discover their passion and purpose, leading to breakthrough transformation and success.

Sally has recently been nominated for an Igniting Inspiration Award (Inspiring Women Changemakers)  under the category of Diversity Driven Organisation, for Inspire Women Oldham.

Twitter: @bonnie_sally