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Sally Kettle

Sally Kettle

Adventurer, Author, Speaker

Sally Kettle is a woman of many talents.  Adventurer, marathon runner,personal trainer, author, speaker and event host Sally is the first woman to row the Atlantic Ocean twice from East to West, and once with her mother!

Nothing phases Sally and in 2010 for instance she took part in the last leg of the World Clipper race in May 2010 returning to Hull in July. She travelled to Padang in Sumatra, to help some of the 250,000 families affected by a devastating earthquake, as part of the International Shelterbox Response Team and retraced the footsteps of WW2 Resistance heroine Nancy Wake in a demanding trek across the Pyrenees too.

A prolific speaker, Sally is invited to address a variety of clients both in the UK and around the globe and these include businesses and large corporations as well as a variety of institutions, organisations and networking groups.

Her account of rough seas, wild storms, harsh living and encounters with sharks is delivered in stupendous style and her speeches are both hilarious and informative, evoking a whole range of emotions.

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