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Sean Hughes

Sean Hughes

Vice President, Philips Design and Head of Design, Customers & Markets

“Successful design comes down to understanding people—what do they want and what do they need. Our global design team is driven by the challenge to answer this apparently simple question, and it’s how we bring innovation to Philips.

A solution that responds equally to the needs of the patient, the caregiver and the clinician is what we strive for. Ease of use, efficiency in workflow and seamless interoperability are the goals we set for ourselves.”

As Vice President of Philips Design, Sean leads the Philips Health Systems Design and Consulting organization. This global team is tasked with developing a broad range of products, software, services and architectural solutions that are shaping the future of healthcare and saving lives.

Over a 20+ year career across 3 continents and multiple business categories Sean has built and led multidisciplinary award winning teams that deliver business results whilst maximizing role of design as a key element of sustainable competitive advantage both for Philips as well as our customers. 

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