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Upcoming RSA events

  • 2022 Bicentenary Medal Event

    RSA Event / Online

    Online via Zoom

    2022 Bicentenary Medallist Janine Benyus calls on innovators everywhere to learn from nature to design products, processes and policies that support and create conditions conducive to life.

  • Lockdown laws and the threats to our freedoms

    RSA Event / Online

    Online via YouTube

    Human rights barrister Adam Wagner reflects on lockdown laws, hastily made under a state of emergency, and the recent Public Order Bill, to explore how these laws threaten our freedoms.

Watch our recent events on demand

  • How to save democracy in a divided world

    RSA Event / Video / Online

    Online via YouTube

    Best-selling author and journalist Anand Giridharadas introduces the persuaders of US politics, working at the frontline of the fight to change minds, bridge divisions and save democracy.

  • How our social connections impact our economic security

    RSA Event / Video / Online

    Online Webinar via Zoom

    Harvard economist Professor Raj Chetty and Lucy Makinson, Behavioural Insights Team discuss how connectivity, social cohesion and civic engagement can play a role in shaping income equality and economic opportunity.

  • 2022 RDI Address

    RSA Event / Video / Online

    RSA House and online via YouTube

    Jo da Silva DBE RDI, global director of Sustainable Development at Arup will give this year’s RDI Address on building resilience in cities and communities to reduce vulnerability and improve social wellbeing.

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Fellowship events

  • Share a glass at RSA House

    Fellowship Event / Coffee House

    Dr Cross Room, The Coffee House, RSA House, London WC2N 6EZ

    Join us on 29 November for fascinating conversation with Fellows, friends and colleagues, accompanied by fabulous emerging Spanish wines.

  • RSA Salisbury Fellows Annual General Meeting

    Fellowship Event

    The Friends Meeting House, Salisbury, SP2 7EF

    RSA Fellows are invited to the Salisbury Network Annual General Meeting, to share a meal prepared by local social enterprise The Pantry Partnership and discuss RSA Salisbury's proposed plans for 2023.

  • First Friday Changemakers: an inside view of the Fellowship Council

    Fellowship Event / Online


    Tony Sheehan, Fellowship Councillor for Ireland and artistic director of Triskel Arts Centre, joins us to talk about the transformation of the Triskel from a small arts centre to a major cultural hub.

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