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As a Fellow you can expand your global network and get peer to peer support for your innovations. Stay up to date around social impact by accessing cutting-edge research.

We value all who champion curiosity, creativity and better ways of thinking, acting and delivering change. Our ethos is inclusive.

So however you choose to participate, whether you are a champion of new ideas, a driver of social change, a deliverer of practical solutions or you simply want to support our mission, we welcome you to the RSA. 

  • Connect and learnConverse and collaborate with others in our global community of changemakers.
  • Develop your ideasSharing insights, perspectives and practices to advance our collective understanding and impact.
  • Be ready for changeEngage and partner with pioneering research and design work undertaken through our projects.
RSA Fellowship

Connect and learn

Expand your professional network across the globe and find solutions to social challenges.

Fellowship events

Fellowship events provide opportunities to collaborate and learn with other Fellows to enable people, places and the planet to flourish.

Login to MyRSA profile

It takes just 5 minutes to set up your RSA online profile. Once set up, you can access the full wealth of opportunities that Fellowship has to offer.

Find a Fellow

The Fellowship is full of experts willing to share their skills and experience. You can search for other Fellows based on their location, skills and interests, or use a keyword search to find the right person.

Login to the Ideas Platform

Be inspired, develop your ideas and help them to succeed by accessing our social change community online through the ideas platform. (Separate login required.)

Develop your ideas

Share and develop your ideas with the support of a wide and diverse social change community

It's great to be part of an organisation that thinks outside the box using some of the tools of the 21st Century - research, development and modern technology - to develop solutions for our global family.

President, Centre for Black Equity EARL FOWLKES

Lead a Fellow event

Bring Fellows together to talk about an issue you care about.

Submit a blog

Read our guidelines on how you can share your idea on our blog.

Apply for Catalyst grants

Funding and support to further development of projects.

Be ready for change

Access cutting-edge thought leadership. Understand how ideas and initiatives around social change are advancing.

Thought leadership

The RSA unearths patterns and unlock insights to empower change. Access rigorous research and thought leadership to support your event. These can be used to inspire your event attendees or start thought-provoking debate.

Watch RSA events

Be inspired, develop your ideas and help them to succeed through attending our events. Events are accessible online.

Join Fellowship Networks

The RSA’s Fellow-led thematic and local networks explore, devise, test or spearhead ideas which have the potential to become a powerful source of social change.

RSA House

RSA House in London is a great place to work, meet other Fellows and enjoy coffee and light refreshments.

Elif Shafak at the RSA

Not a Fellow?

Join our unique global Fellowship committed to regenerate our world through collective action. Champion new ideas, collaborate with others and help advance positive social impact.