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Shape social change

Set up and lead an event for Fellows. Expand your professional network and create powerful, shared learning experiences.

Online events guide

If you are considering making your event digital, this guide will help you design and facilitate impactful and participatory RSA online events.

Learn how to set up a Fellows' event

RSA Fellow Events are events that are designed and run by RSA Fellows and staff, for Fellows. They provide a platform to create powerful, shared learning experiences and opportunities for peer to peer support with social innovations.
Here you'll find guidelines on running an RSA Fellow event, including set up and ideas and resources, to help get you started.

Inspiration for your event

Thought leadership

The RSA unearths patterns and unlock insights to empower change. Access rigorous research and thought leadership to support your event. These can be used to inspire your event attendees or start thought-provoking debate.

Videos and animations

Our world-renowned talks, videos and animations provide excellent, content-rich experiences for your Fellow Event.

Be inspired by other Fellow events

Learn about other Fellow events happening both locally and across the UK.

Further guidance

Documentation, forms and guides used in setting up a Fellowship event

Useful documents

Fellowship Charter (PDF doc)

Code of Conduct when representing RSA (Word doc)
Complaints Form (Word doc)

Four simple rules with Fellowship events
We welcome the diversity and excitement that Fellow Events bring to the RSA. However, there are four simple rules that all Fellow Events must follow:

1. All events must be free to attend - you can't use our branding to sell something or otherwise make money.
2. You must use our branding and logo according to guidelines.
3. Fellow Events must abide by the RSA Fellowship code of conduct. 
4. By running an RSA Fellow Event or using the materials on these pages you are agreeing to abide by the above rules.


Upcoming Fellow events

Contact us

If you would like guidance with regard to setting up your event please get in touch with your regional Fellowship Team