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Part 3: How can we navigate an emerging future?

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INTRO - Guide to the terrain

PART 1 - Before the pandemic

PART 2 - Transitional space

PART 3 - The emerging future

PART 4 - Your reality

We set out to see if people were already turning their minds to the future, to a world after the pandemic, and if so, what changes they wanted to see emerge.

We thought that there would be a range of different ambitions for the future and that these would be place and context specific. We also anticipated that such ambitions might be tempered by loss and fatigue and a desire for things to ‘return to normal’.

We asked:

  • What are your hopes for the post-pandemic future for you, your families and community and the nation as a whole?

Our investigation of the possible futures emerging from the pandemic is captured in the themes below. We invite you to explore these and add your reflections in the comments section.

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Navigating the emerging future

  • Flotilla of different boats

    How can we support everyone to build greater resilience into their lives and communities and face the future with increased confidence?

  • Redistributed investment

    How could we resource a reconstruction effort that takes account of the needs of different people and places?

  • Redesigned systems

    What does it take to create the enabling conditions for people to come together and design systems that work for them?

  • Changing perspectives

    How could we encourage new ways of doing things that overcome resistance to change and the anti-risk instinct?

  • Crises on the horizon

    How can we acknowledge the diverse realities of our individual and collective losses?

  • Beacons of hope

    How could we enable every community to design its own future, to imagine what that might look like, and to have a powerful say about the decisions that impact them?