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Teacher Training Sessions

Access free support and guidance for working on the design briefs

The RSA Pupil Design Awards is a free, national design award programme for secondary school and sixth-form pupils aged 11-17.

Join us this year in free teacher training sessions to learn practical skills, new methodologies and build confidence to engage with this years briefs.

The Pupil Design Awards are open to all schools across the UK. This year we are particularly encouraging participation from non-design subjects to use the briefs as an opportunity to tackle real-world challenges and learn about design thinking.

The real strength with the Pupil Design Awards are the resources for both the teachers and the toolkits for the pupils. [They] are really strong and really developed in supporting their design thinking for us.

Teacher, 2023

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29 November, 16:00-17:00 GMT

How to approach the briefs (for new audiences)

Join this session with Martin Foulkes to understand what the briefs are, how to build awareness and confidence to plan and deliver a successful opportunity for your school. This is for teachers who are new to the Pupil Design Awards.

14 December, 16:00-17:30 GMT

How to apply design thinking to your subject (for non-design audiences)

Join this session with Naomi Lord to understand the value of applying the briefs to non-design subjects and feel empowered to take part in a design competition.

17 JANUARY 2024, 16:00-17:00 GMT

Craft a Commended PDAs Entry in 1 Term (it's not too late to help your pupils create a compelling PDA submission!)

Join this insightful session with Martin Foulkes as he guides you through optimising the PDA's briefs, leveraging a design thinking approach, and exploring effective methodologies.

Please note - registration does not guarantee attendance.

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Pupil Design Awards

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Brief pack

Download all three 2023-24 briefs in one pack.