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Digital innovations in lifelong learning: a global perspective


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This report, Digital innovations in lifelong learning: a global perspective, explores the drivers that support, and the barriers that limit the international reach and impact of digital lifelong learning innovations.

Megatrends in the world of work are creating new opportunities and challenges for enterprises and workers alike. However, impacts and conditions to harness opportunities vary between, as well as within, countries. Emerging digital innovations and programmes are offering new solutions to individuals adapting to new jobs and ways of working, securing good work and pursuing professional or personal goals.

In this research, we highlight elements critical to building an integrated lifelong learning system with inclusivity and open access at its core. We make a range of recommendations to unleash the power of digital innovation to promote economic security, social equity and wellbeing. Achieving these goals requires the coordinated efforts of multiple stakeholders – government, corporate, international, and civil society organisations – and digital innovators themselves.

Download the Digital innovations in lifelong learning: a global perspective report (PDF, 2.3 MB)

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