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Rebalancing adult learning


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How can organisations help address the UK skills emergency? How can they contribute to building a society that enables, recognises and values learning for everyone, throughout life, to promote economic security, social equity and individual wellbeing? This research from the RSA and Ufi VocTech Trust aims to understand exactly this.

Our joint report sheds light on the needs, motivations and barriers to learning of those furthest from traditional education provision.

We aim to rebalance the debate around adult learning away from industrial skills needs and towards wider inclusion and participation in learning. This, in turn, can support equitable economic and wellbeing outcomes for individuals and wider society. Simply put; the more people we can engage in learning, the more chance we have of meeting societal skills needs.

Read our findings and recommendations for business systems by downloading our report below:

Download the Rebalancing adult learning report (PDF, 1.1 MB)

pdf 1.1 MB

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