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RSA House Sustainability

At RSA House we have engaged with a number of green initiatives to help the environment and ensure our clients can host more sustainable events.


During a venue refurbishment in 2018, we replaced all gas cookers with electrical induction hobs, which is considerably more efficient using less energy and producing less residual heat. It’s also much cleaner/hygienic, so fewer chemicals are required to maintain it.

The entire building has gradually been converted to the use of LED lighting, where appropriate. Many of these on sensor timers, to reduce electricity consumption. Additionally, our energy supplier is heavily focused on being environmentally friendly too.

Watch this short video about how we commit to a greener future at RSA. 

Did you know? When hosting a meeting or event at RSA House, we offer a welcome talk from a member of the RSA’s team, to give an overview of the charity and the House’s history, as well as what the RSA are up to today. 


Plastic straws are a thing of the past here and we will supply paper straws at the client’s request. We recycle as much as possible from electrical items, batteries, all glass, cooking oil, cardboard, paper, toner cartridges, and food waste. All pre-packaged food-to-go comes in recyclable packaging. We don’t use single-use plastic bottles and we have ‘keep cup’ incentives in the Coffeehouse.

Food waste

Food wastage in our industry has a big negative impact on the environment so this is a key focus for our culinary team. With careful menu planning and robust procedures in place, this is kept to a minimum. 

Plant-based menus 

We offer plant-based menus, including vegan fine dining and picnic lunches. Find out more about our catering.

Our ESG commitment

Read about the RSA’s commitment to a greener future for people and planet and how you will contribute towards your organisation’s ESG efforts when hosting an event with us.

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