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Fellowship partners

Fellowship Partners

Access a world of innovation, influence, and impactful connections for your staff

RSA Fellowship partners are organisations that offer their staff all the benefits of becoming a Fellow of the RSA.

Are you looking for a way to upskill members of your team and broaden their horizons? Is there a particular group of 10 (or more) colleagues - whether they're new managers, young joiners, or senior leaders - who would benefit from connecting with our chnagemaking Fellowship of more than 31,000+ social innovators?

By enrolling your staff as a group, they will have access to world-leading professional development opportunities to learn, connect and be inspired.

By registering as a Fellowship partner organisation, you will enable your staff to:

  • Connect with a world-leading network of innovators in your sector and beyond.
  • Access a huge range of inspiring events, cutting-edge research and collaboration opportunities.
  • Celebrate and recognise your staff's value with our acclaimed Fellowship.
  • Broaden their horizons and tap into the latest thinking and innovation shaping our world today.

How do I find out more and nominate my team?

By becoming Fellows together, your staff will benefit from a discounted price per person, as well as additional events and opportunities to accelerate their learning and professional development.

Fellowship is open to anyone aged over 18 who commits to our values and Charter, but as a Fellowship partner, you can select a specific group of staff who might particularly benefit from the Fellowship.

Learn more about Fellowship partnerships

Get in touch to find out more and arrange an informal conversation about this opportunity for your staff.

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