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RSA US Research & projects

We're growing partnerships with key cities and regions, as well as supporting our Fellows to drive change. 

Project support 

We support RSA Fellows' projects in a variety of ways. Find out more about support for promoting your work and funding available. 

Our research

The Future of Work

Our ambition is to support and accelerate regional innovations in good work, economic security and inclusive growth. Find out more about this work.

Art of Change

The RSA has been at the forefront of progressive social change since 1754. Today with over 31,000 Fellows around the world and with countless more allies working to drive transformation in society, we want to pause and put a lens on the art of change-making itself. We want to interrogate our assumptions and common myths around how we make change in society. Our Art of Change work supports Fellows in providing key insights, tools and analysis into the art and science of creating enduring social change.

Research partnerships

Decolonizing Design Coalition

In October 2020, Vanessa "Ve" Dewey FRSA collaborated with RSA US Board chair Ric Grefé FRSA to host Decolonizing Design After Covid-19. From that event grew the Decolonizing Design Coalition, a 12 - 18 month project to formulate a set of global principles for decolonizing the ethos of the design field and beyond.

Find out more about the coalition.


Future of Work Summit 

In partnership with the Energy Innovation Center, the Pittsburgh Leadership Foundation and the Mayor’s Office, we hosted a gathering with 75 leaders from across the country to debate economic prosperity and the nature of work in the 21st century. We heard from leading experts and practitioners who were working to design for shared prosperity. Speakers included representatives from within leading foundations, big business, regional economic actors, local municipalities, and neighborhood stakeholders.

Image of Pittsburgh

Inclusive Growth Accelerator

In partnership with the Centre for Progressive Policy and Coda Societies, we worked to translate the findings from the RSA’s Inclusive Growth Commission into an operational model for the region of Chicago. We helped design a cross-organizational coalition and an accelerator model for the region to pilot concrete strategies for delivering on the vision of inclusive growth. Funding for this project was provided by the Chicago Community Trust and the MacArthur Foundation. Coalition leadership was provided by LISC Chicago, World Business Chicago and CMAP.

Image of Chicago

Fellows and allied projects

Of by For

Lotteries - once used in ancient Athens to prevent corruption and division - are again on the rise, to form citizens’ panels and citizens’ assemblies around the world. They're conducted in a way that ensures that those selected truly reflect the population.

As a non-profit, working to get beyond parties and politicians and put everyday people front and center, Of by For works to create the infrastructure for democratic lotteries in the U.S. The RSA US is partnering with Of by For to support the initiative, offering strategic connections and advisory support. Find out more about this initiative.

Nuns & Nones

The RSA US partnered with Nuns & Nones, acting as a fiscal sponsor and contributing research into new models of affordable housing, community enterprise and community commons for ageing religious sites. Nuns & Nones works to connect Catholic Sisters with spiritual but not necessarily religiously-affiliated Millennials to discuss shared interests and needs, and how the different groups can learn from and support each other. Ongoing activities range from field trips to one another’s homes and work spaces, weekend retreats, discussions of shared readings, co-creating rituals, and continuing dialogues around themes of mutual interest.

Image of the Nuns and Nones project

League of Intrapreneurs

Led by Maggie de Pree FRSA, the League of Intrapreneurs is a movement to ignite social change within large incumbent organizations. The League is a global community providing intrapreneurs with inspiration, connection, and tools to deliver impact. The RSA US partnered with the League, acting as a fiscal sponsor and providing points of connection for the League to grow its footprint in the U.S. Find out more about the League.

Image of the League of Intrapreneurs project