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Decolonizing Design Coalition

Initiated by an RSA Fellow, and incubated by RSA US, the coalition consists of volunteer creatives and designers that are committed to sourcing, synthesizing, and amplifying a set of global principles for decolonizing the ethos of the design field and beyond.

Global co-leads

Jadalia Britto

Jadalia Britto is a thoughtful leader who has advised some of the world’s biggest brands with a track record of forging strong connections between people and the brands they love. As an award-winning design professional, strategist, mentor, speaker, author, educator, and influencer, she is recognized and valued for thinking differently and cultivating diversity in design while orchestrating impactful brand experiences that are contextually relevant. Jadalia is a part of AIGA Women’s Lead Initiative, empowering women in design, and a strong advocate for diversity and inclusion.

Vanessa Dewey FRSA

Vanessa Dewey FRSA is the co-creator of Never Not Creative. A designer by trade and a connector in practice, Vanessa cares deeply about uncovering the synergies that allow communities and organizations to successfully evolve. For over a decade, she has worked beyond the bleeding edge with major brands like Mattel, Adobe, WPP, and the BBC, showing them growth opportunities that others have not. Her design-intrapreneur mindset allows her to easily navigate between verticals, industries, and national contexts. Currently she is an MBA candidate at Central Saint Martins.

RSA staff supporting the coalition

Picture of Claire Byrne
Claire Byrne

Coalition happenings

The work gets underway.

DDC Members, the inner-most ring of participation in the coalition, began the "sourcing" phase of our work in April 2021.

Learn more about each of the coalition members.

The spark that lit the match.

In October 2020, DDC Global Co-Lead Vanessa Dewey, FRSA collaborated with RSA US board chair Ric Grefé, FRSA - former executive director of AIGA - to host Decolonizing Design After Covid-19.

The panel included:

Decolonizing Design Coalition

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