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The RSA US is a distributed community. We have a small full-time staff, regional ambassadors, a board (50 percent of whom are elected from our Fellowship), and around 1,100 Fellows across the United States.

Fellows pay small annual dues that support the sustainability of the network and give them a voice in our strategy and areas of intervention.

Find out more about our staff and trustees:

RSA US staff

Picture of Alexa Clay

Picture of Sean Kline
Director of Policy & Innovation

Picture of Claire Byrne
Senior Community Manager

Picture of Sheba Remy Kharbanda
Program Development Specialist

Picture of Toni Shoola
Operations Lead

Picture of Eden Lew
Eden Lew
Designer (Associate)

RSA US Board of Trustees

The board is responsible for overseeing the affairs of the RSA US and making decisions on its behalf. It consists of the Board Chair, appointed by the RSA, and an equal number of elected trustees, voted in by the RSA US Fellows, and appointed trustees, who are elected by the RSA Board. Members each have a term limit of three years that are renewable for one term.

Picture of Shaifali Puri
Chair of the Board, RSA US

Picture of Chris Padden
Board President, RSA US

Picture of Fred W. Brown, Jr.
President and CEO, The Forbes Fund

Picture of Charlie Cannon
Designer and educator

Picture of Tom Stratton
Tom Stratton
Chief of Staff, The RSA

Picture of Dr. Kim Young-McLear
Educator, activist, designer, and futurist

Organisational transparency

Consistent with our commitment to transparency, you can find our organisational profile on Guidestar. Guidestar is an online reporting platform that provides in-depth information about non-profit organisations.

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