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RSA Animate - 21st Century Enlightenment

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  • Social innovation

Matthew Taylor explores the meaning of 21st century enlightenment, how the idea might help us meet the challenges we face today.

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  •  NHS can not be free! It is a huge machinery that costs huge amount of money daily! Who can pay for that? I am afraid nobody.

    My opinion is :

    1. Patients need to pay contribution: ie every visit to GP £10, every visit to specialist, ie £20 etc.(or less?), or (even both)

    2. NHS Health Insurance- one affordable amount that would enable people to get appointment asap and get treated properly. (Health Insurance do not cover preexisting health problems! Thus, NHS Health Insurance would be welcomed) 

  • Really appreciate the video, one blind spot, though, is (perhaps) its undervaluing of mysticism.

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