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Dan Pink on Persuasion

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What are the ABCs of persuasion?

Bestselling author Dan Pink shows us how to influence others more effectively; it’s as simple as A-B-C. Whether we're employees pitching to our bosses, parents and teachers cajoling kids, or politicians presenting new policies, we can all improve the way we persuade others.

Voice - Daniel H Pink

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  • I strongly agree " We are all in Sales Now" but at the same time disagree with the word " Now" . Every human being is a seller right from birth. Will not go through the entire lifecycle stages but will pick up few and try to summarize . It is not always about the cash but it is "cash or in kind" . One sells the abilities capabilities , emotions , passions , skills , experiences etc. etc. to parents , teachers , friends , spouses , colleges , universities , colleagues, companies and to customers. If this thought sounds interesting to you , happy to have further discussion on this subject.................. ......... .......... .......... .... See here also i am making a sales pitch / cold call.